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Do you travel?



How many photos will I receive?


Do you recommend a first look?

YES YES YES! I charge $.54 per mile after 50 miles outside of zip 76116. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING A DESTINATION WEDDING, I would LOVE to chat. Travel is one of my favorite things in the world and I am dying to travel to new places and capture beautiful weddings. From Austin, California to Europe or beyond... I am your girl.


By contract, you will receive 75-100 edited images per hour of photography coverage! 



YES! I give you the option of choosing to do a first look or not BUT I always try to communicate the realities of not doing them. (especially in winter months when the sunsets really early!)

Did you know, most couples like to avoid doing the first look because of tradition. Did you know this tradition actually comes from back when arranged marriages were prominent. The groom wouldn't be able to see his bride until he was married to her! (also why she wore a veil over her face.) CRAZY right?! Most the time, the grooms still get emotional during the ceremony regardless of the first look.

PROS:  You actually get to spend time with your bride/groom on the day of your wedding before all your guests arrive when you choose a first look. You get WAY more photos together and don't have to worry about your guests getting bored at a cocktail hour. Most brides/grooms are less stressed and their nerves are calmed when they get to see each other one on one.  We can knock out all but the family photos before the ceremony! That's amazing!!! IF YOU DO A FIRST LOOK, YOU GET MORE BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS WITH YOUR SPOUSE. 

CONS: If you have a winter wedding, your ceremony will have to start no later than 3:45!!! You will need a cocktail hour that is at least 45 mins depending on the size of your bridal party and family. 

OBVIOUSLY, I want to best serve you on what you have imagined to be your best day. I just love to over commiunicate all the things you may not have had to consider yet. If you are passionate about one way or the other- stick to it! BUT... If you are trying to decide. Let's chat! I may be able to convince you, if I haven't already! ;)


Most likely you are hiring me for the beautiful, bright and airy photos on my website and I just want to ensure, we can make this possible on your wedding day!

Do you have payment plans?

YES! I know wedding expenses can be overwhelming for families and I want to alleviate as much stress as possible. When you sign your wedding contract, I require I 25% non-refundable retainer to secure your date! Then, payment plans are optional and we can talk those through! I require the wedding is paid in full at least two weeks leading up to the wedding. 


Do you have a second shooter?


YES! Thankfully, I have several incredible photographer friends from all over that are gracious to work alongside me. They are so talented and you will love them! If they are working with me, it's because I trust them and I am confident they will do an amazing job.